Skatepark Rules

  1. Skate / Ride at Your Own Risk.
  2. Children Under 10 years must be accompanied By an Adult.
  3. Riders must be 12 years or older to ride in the Foam Pit
  4. Must Have Liability Waiver On File Before Skating Or Riding.
  5. Helmets Are Required! Protective Pads Are Highly Recommended.
  6. No Drugs, Alcohol, or Weapons.
  7. No Tobacco Products Allowed In Park.
  8. No Profanity or Disorderly Conduct.
  9. No Vandalism, Graffiti, Tagging, Or Other Means Of Defacing Property.
  10. No Food or Drinks Allowed Inside Riding Area. No Outside Food or Drinks
  11. No Gum. Do Not Stick Gum On Riding Surface!
  12. No Soliciting.
  13. Spectators Must Remain In Designated Area Outside the Fence.
  14. All Participants Must Wear Designed Wrist Band for the Duration of Their Paid Session.
  15. No Fighting!
  16. Be Respectful To Employees and Other Participants.
  17. Be Courteous, Take Turns, And Watch Out For Other Riders.
  18. No Refunds For any Reason – No Exceptions
  19. Management Reserves The Right To Eject Anyone From The Park At Any Time Or For Any Reason. No Questions Asked!
  20. Management Reserves The Right To Refuse Admissions To The Park.
  21. Violation Of These Rules May Lead To Removal From The Facility And Possible Suspension Of Skating Or Riding Privileges.