Backyard BMX Article

Shout out to Ryan at BackyardBMXco for the article on the park! Checkout his site for interviews with Pro riders and up to date info about the BMX community. Keep up the good work! Follow on instagram @BackyardBMXco

Ramp Advertisement Businesses

Advertise on Our Ramps

Do you know any businesses or club that is looking for more exposure? Advertise your Logo, Name, Or Business information on our ramps! We get many new riders and parents in the park each day to see these ads, and with our recent Youtube series ( we will be increasing the exposure to our park. […]

Halloween Lock In BMX Skateboard Scooter

Halloween Lock-In Oct 28th!

Join us on October 28th from 10:00PM to 7:00AM for our annual Halloween Lock-in! There will be food, prizes, and events going on all night! Bring your Best Costume and enter our costume contest! Admission is $25! Come in and ride all night! 

July 29th Lock-in

We will be having a Lock-in event on July 29th from 10:00PM-7:00AM! Come and ride the park all night and learn something new! $25 for entry for the entire night! Register entry here: Lock-in July 29th Registration

New Youtube Channel!

Come and check out our new Youtube channel! We will be posting videos of riders and events that are going on in the park. Subscribe and keep up to date with the Kitchen! The Kitchen’s Youtube Channel

The Kitchen Skatepark Summer Camp

Summer Camp!

Join us for Summer Day Camp! Learn some new skills and progress with other riders!

Car Pools & Edits

Traveling to the Skatepark We realize that it is difficult for some people to make it out to the park, or don’t want to make that trip all alone. This is why, every week we will now be starting a post on Instagram and Facebook titled ” *Date Car Pool”. We are going to use […]

Scotty Cramner The kitchen Contest

2017 Kitchen Pro Contest

Video by Scotty Cramner Pro Class Contest Standings 1st) Nick Bruce 2nd) Colton Walker  3rd) Jared Wiedower