Car Pools & Edits

Traveling to the Skatepark

We realize that it is difficult for some people to make it out to the park, or don't want to make that trip all alone. This is why, every week we will now be starting a post on Instagram and Facebook titled " *Date Car Pool". We are going to use this post to allow riders near each other to communicate. We are hoping that this will bring the Midwest riding community closer together and help get more people to the park.


New Edits

Along with this car pool update, we are pleased to announce that we will start becoming more active in the edit and social media scenes. The level of riding that occurs at the park every day is exceptional and we are very proud to host the slew of professionals which ride our park. Because of this, we are going to start putting together more edits and start posting to social media nightly. This will be a great opportunity for anyone trying to get noticed, so get to the park and start riding!

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